We are here to protect
and grow your assets

Take advantage of our exclusive and unconventional
opportunities to enhance your financial future.


Everything we do is client centric and revolves around delivering our clients an exceptional standard of service. Our advisers are at the top of their game in each and every facet of our business and personal offerings.


We help our clients to grow and secure their assets, offering best-in-class products, innovative, sustainable, and smart solutions taking nothing but the best from evolving technologies and market trends.

Our advisers are at the top of their game
in each and every facet of our business, guiding you to a better future while maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks.

VT Assets

Wealth management and assets protection
for those planning for the future, seeking
to secure and grow their legacy and
achieve financial efficiency.

VT Vaults

The ultimate level of security
for your personal belongings.
Soon to be available in
major locations worldwide.

Live in the UAE.

Coming soon in
Switzerland, Panama
and other countries.

coming soon

VT Migration

Immigration opportunities
and tax optimisation strategies:
second citizenship, golden visas,
international corporate planning.
Licensed by several governments.

Main office in the UAE.

Services offered from
Portugal, Vanuatu
and other countries.


VT Legal & Tax

Complete range of services
related to legal and tax advisory,
regardless if you are an individual,
a startup or an international company.

Main office in the UAE.

Details about the advisory
services are also available
in other offices abroad.



real estate development, management
and brokerage unit

Ultra-luxury &
Investment Properties

High-end and elite
properties in the UAE
and around the world
to live or invest in.


Golden Visa

Development of projects
eligible for a Golden Visa.
All-inclusive white-label
solution for B2B partners.



Development of new hotels
in areas with big potential
Optimisation and rebranding
of existing hotels.


VT Innovations

The payments industry is always changing and we're setting the pace
in this fast-moving market, providing targeted and niche solutions
to maximize savings and gain efficiency.

VT Banking App

VT bank, known in the GCC region as
Kifak (from Arabic كيفك – “How are you?”)
is an one-stop solution for all
your financial needs.

Launching soon in the UAE.


VT Wallet

It is a hot crypto wallet
for transactions in your favourite messengers:
Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat.

Live on Telegram. Coming soon
on Whatsapp, Messenger
and WeChat.


VT Utility Token

Our very own utility token
that is accepted for all VT projects
and is also one of the main payment
methods in our crypto gaming den.


VT Cards

Custom-built payments solution
for SMEs and large enterprises,
designed to help increase sales,
grow revenues and much more.


VT Metaverse

We took a renowned and buzzing Meta
and moved it to a completely new level.
Meet VT.VERSE - a game-changer in the
universal and immersive virtual world.